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Donkey Mother Hong Qinghua (alumnus) : 2016 Susong High School graduation speech
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  Dear President Luo, dear teachers, dear students and sisters, good afternoon!

  Thank you Principal Luo and Teacher Xia for calling me home, returning to the high school campus after 20 years of absence, returning to the most vivid youth exile in my memory, and returning to the milestone turning point of my life。

  Susong Middle School this year is the first time to hold a senior three graduation ceremony, we graduated when there was no such part, the last time the principal invited me, I promised to come!I want to represent the seniors who have left this campus, but also on behalf of our generation, to come back and say something to their younger students。

  The sense of ritual is very meaningful to a person, and the most profound memory in people's life is all kinds of rituals。

  Let me start with an example of a country that I like very much, called Israel, which is very successful in education and very ritualistic。All Jews, from a young age, are taught two books: the Hebrew Bible and the Talmud.。They Jews have read these two books since childhood, and they will read them repeatedly for a lifetime。The rabbi is very particular about the ritual of learning: the first day of school must be new clothes,Let children know that learning is a happy thing;To the new students,Let's give it a big round of applause,Students like going to school;Teach the children some letters in their first class,It was written in honey on a clean SLATE,The child can lick the word off after reading it,Or give a child a candy bar,Each one to start learning - make the child feel,Learning is a sweet thing and so on,There's a lot of ritual,A different approach to education,Make this country especially advanced in education and science and technology,Israel's population is now less than 8 million,Have 3.80,000 scientists!Its land area is smaller than Beijing。But if you look at its high-tech sector, which accounts for 50 percent of the economy, the number of startups, venture capital, and NasdaQ-listed companies is among the highest in the world。The most impressive thing is that no matter what technology institution you visit, people can proudly show you a list of how many key technologies that "changed the world" came from Israeli research and development centers and Israeli start-ups!

  Dear students, in a person's life, there are always some fragments and pictures that will be repeatedly remembered and afterthought in the future years。

  For example, when I see my classmates, I think of the scene when I first entered Susong Middle School more than 20 years ago。At that time, the whole family came to send me, everyone was smiling, from the junior high school in Zuoba Township to enter the county's famous Susong middle School, my parents were so happy, my father picked the quilt and rice and a snakeskin bag of debris。I was at the top of my class in junior high school。After taking the exam to the hostel,Rural children into the county,There are temptations to face,I remember the old cinema down the street,In the evening, I often secretly go to the movies and eat small wontons on the street,There are no movies in junior high school in the country,My high school head teacher told me last night,My grade one was in the top ten of my class,High school sophomore began to enjoy playing sports,The grades are only above average,Somewhere between ten and twenty,I spent four years studying in the hostel,Three-year high school,I went back to school for a year。Our senior high school four classes, a total of only three students admitted to the university, one of them because of junior college is not willing to go back to study for a year。You guys are happier today than we are?Conditions were much worse than now, every day to eat the whole school only three or four Windows to play rice, so many students, the queue is very long, in order to save time, the students are not queued up, and finally crowded together, now I still can't think of, buy a new iron bowl, each time it is squeezed flat, the paint is off。The teacher has to be on duty to watch us line up。Not now?So students who are physically strong are very popular,For example, the father of one of our classmates here today is my classmate,Xiao Min,He loves exercise and is good at fighting,His classmates all envied him,At that time, it was very popular for students to either have good grades or have a skill,Today, he is already a very, very excellent grass-roots public security cadre in Susong County。Our Jingyu Group two other partners - Meng Chou, He Yujie is also my classmates in the hostel, Meng Chou He Yujie body are strong, when they took turns to squeeze。We are reluctant to buy food at the canteen. We bring pickles, fermented bean curd, and dried fish at home. The three of us eat nine dishes together for a week。I had an idea at that time: the three of us will work in a unit, and how good it is to work together forever。This dream was realized in a later venture。I was in high school,The learning atmosphere of Susong Middle School was not strong now,Our classmates often team up to play together after class,If there was no money, I would ride my bike to the nearby counties,For example, to Hubei Huangmei five ancestral Temple, river side small lonely mountain play,Often to the nearby Cheng concentration school, Pass middle school to visit,The friendship between classmates is sincere,Now our high school classmates still move around a lot。This is also the earliest sprout of my love for travel, and later I chose tourism as my business。

  Some people say: every generation of youth is not easy。When I was in high school,Material conditions are scarce, the way out of life is very narrow, and information is also very blocked,But you live in an age of material abundance, life choices, and information (your generation,With material conditions far superior to ours,More life choices,A wider view of life and a more mature and strong heart),Of course, you also have to face more brutal competition, more profound confusion,But relative to the great opportunities this time has given you, the freedom to choose, the space to make your dreams come true,None of that matters。

  Today's graduation ceremony,In fact, there are still more than 20 days before the college entrance examination,With respect,After the college entrance examination, the students will be divided into three groups: because Susong Middle School is the best school in the county,So most of you, the best of you, will go to college,A few students will fail the college entrance examination to enter the repeat class to continue to struggle,There are also very few students because of family and their own reasons may go directly to work。Different lives start from now on, so high school graduation is the biggest watershed of different lives between students。Especially for rural children, more than half of our classmates here are from rural areas?Enter the university, choose to re-study, enter the society, life will show you each different scenery, but some people's scenery is covered with flowers, some people will be covered with thorns, and some people are beautiful and ordinary。In these landscapes, the joy and happiness, frustration and pain, confusion and struggle that you experience are all part of a long life, and all you have to do is to work hard and work hard until you are powerless, and then face the results calmly。

  When I was young, I helped my family do farm work, and I had to help my parents transplant and cut rice during the summer vacation. At that time, college students were rare and had no concept of college entrance examination。In retrospect,So far,High school was the most confusing time of my life,When I failed my first year of college entrance examination,还好,Because at that time, only two students in our fresh class were admitted to college,Students seem to be accustomed to repeat,But the second time I lost by a few points,I was in the worst mood,Watching many students go to college, my heart is particularly desolate,Especially in the middle of the night,Think of the future,The farmer's child did not know which way to go?I have to sneak home around the village。I have to go to college. To be honest, that's when I have a strong desire。Perhaps, as Wang Guowei said in "Human Words", it is necessary to go through three realms to become a major industry in ancient and modern times。The children of the poor will experience the first realm of life too early: last night, the west wind marred green trees, alone on the high-rise, looking at the end of the world。After a year of hard work, when I learned that I was admitted to East China Normal University in Shanghai, I was sitting on a tricycle, and I jumped off excitedly and ran all the way。I feel like the happiest person in the world。At that time, too few students from Anhui were admitted to key national universities。On the first day of school, I took a 24-hour bus from Susong County to Shanghai, and now it takes only seven hours to drive. When I entered Shanghai, it was already 1:00 a.m. My brother-in-law and I were reluctant to spend money in a hotel and stayed at the campus gate until dawn, but we were not sleepy and excited。Because when I entered Shanghai, I was shocked by the scene I had never seen before: the whole Shanghai was brightly lit and neon, a bustling metropolis。At that time, I made up my mind: I must stay here, get married and work hard。Therefore, I hope you can seize the last twenty days and devote yourself to the preparation of the college entrance examination。Perhaps it can also increase the score of the college entrance examination by ten or twenty points, or even a few points, because this point, the admitted major, the university and the city may be completely different, and there will be a different life。

  Dear students, if you are lucky enough to be admitted to the university, you can have fun this summer and reward yourself, but please cherish the good time of the university after school, do not suddenly relax, as if life is good from now on, success is in front of you, in fact, the university is the beginning of the competition in life。Real learning begins in college, whether it is hard work, social practice, or experiencing love。Of course, college reading must be happier than high school reading, college can really read their favorite books。I want to share with you in advance, there are three abilities to work hard in college, whichThree abilitiesWill last a lifetime:

  One is to have the ability to resist temptation。This is something that belongs to the category of will qualities, but it will lay the spiritual foundation of your future brilliant life。In modern society, the university is a existence without walls。You will see a rich and wonderful world, out of the wings of parents, completely free from any shackles, such as the REINS of wild horses, free to ride。After entering college, many students completely relax and have fun, and as a result, their academic performance plummets。When I graduated from college, I was faced with fierce competition for employment and social selection, and I lost my ability and mind to compete, which was very regrettable。There are many examples of the top scorer in the college entrance examination who did not appear so outstanding after entering the society。After I went to college, usually all spare time do not enter the library, or go to work to make money, some students in our class have been more handsome than me, after class in addition to sports activities is playing cards in the dormitory。Think carefully, the difference between people is to see how you use your spare time, "no steps, no even a thousand miles;Do not accumulate small streams, can not become a river ", we must cherish the time, enjoy their own college life at the same time, be a dream, with restraint。Everyone is lazy, to see who can restrain。

  The second is to form the ability to gather knowledge and learning ability。In fact, it is difficult for everyone to form a more clear career plan and life design in high school,And when you get to college,Will have a major,But this major may or may not be something you like,This major may be necessary for your future work or it may be basically unnecessary,This major may be closely related to your career plan,But it's also possible to disconnect completely。But these are not particularly important, the important thing is to dabble in knowledge in various aspects, as far as possible to absorb all aspects of knowledge and nutrients, enrich, enrich, improve themselves, and cultivate their learning ability。Some people have not cultivated the ability to learn all their lives, how will they keep pace with The Times?I got my undergraduate degree in sports psychology, education, and then started my own business。In college, I preferred to read a lot of biographies, business books and courses,It has nothing to do with my major,But on the basis of professional learning,The knowledge acquired in college will eventually converge into a strong basic knowledge reserve for later entrepreneurship,Because in the modern world,Platform thinking, win-win consciousness and cooperation concept are becoming more and more important,Those who pool knowledge, look at trends, cross barriers, and think comprehensively are increasingly a scarce resource。Perhaps a few words written in a college book will enjoy a lifetime, and even play a big role in critical moments。Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, dropped out of Reed College in December 1972 after just one semester because it was too expensive。Instead of going home, however, he stayed at Reed College, living in an abandoned dormitory for a year, studying calligraphy, philosophy, and foreign cultures rather than business。Reed College is free to allow it。At that time, Reed College offered the best calligraphy education in the United States。Throughout the school every poster, every label on every drawer, was beautifully handwritten。Since Jobs had dropped out of school and no longer needed to take the usual classes, he took a calligraphy class to learn how to write beautifully。In this class, he learned about various fonts, how to change the spacing between different font combinations, how to make beautiful typography, etc。For the first time, taking calligraphy lessons also brought out his hidden artistic talent。Jobs thought it was beautiful, historical and artistic in a way that science could never capture. It was fascinating。What Jobs didn't realize was that calligraphy would give him such an advantage。It was through studying calligraphy that he mastered different typefaces, which became one of the greatest strengths of Apple computers。At the time, Jobs said in a later speech, I had no idea that this knowledge would have any practical application in my life。But ten years later, when we were designing the first Apple computer, it all came in handy。College must read more books, read books will not be rotten in the rolling red dust in the heart。Borges, the great literary giant, the famous Argentine poet and writer, said: If there is a heaven in the world, the heaven should be in the shape of a library。Guys, the place I spent the most time in college was also the library。I read a lot of books, and I still benefit a lot, in fact, only remember a few sentences of each book。Among them is a book,Only two things I remember,But later on, it had a great impact on my business and Jingyu Group,The book is Competitive Strategy by Michael Porter, the father of global competitive strategy.,The book says that the author has studied a lot of great companies,Found that if an enterprise wants to become a century-old store, the foundation will last forever,Focus on two things: the culture and the vision。Therefore, when I set up the first company of Jingyu Group, Qichuang Tourism Planning and Design Company, I did nothing for the first three days. I closed the door and thought about my company's future vision?What culture does the company advocate?Think of the corporate culture is "three ones" : we are an army, we are a family, we are a school;Eight words: "Integrity, Passion, innovation, multi-win"。Our vision is to be the most respected travel operator in the world。The group must have a variety of business interactions。To date, these corporate cultures and visions have been incorporated into the blood of nearly 3,000 employees of Jingyu Group。The world's great companies have a unique corporate culture and beautiful vision, not to make money as the only purpose。Making money is the business's natural duty, but just to make money, companies sometimes do evil。

  The third capability is the ability to construct adjustment objectives。In college, you will find that with the deepening of learning, social interaction and practice, your ideals and goals will be different from the original, and dream is like a seed, which will slowly grow up。When I first entered East China Normal University, my first clear goal was to be independent and not ask for money from my parents in order to establish myself in Shanghai。I started doing tutoring to make money, tutoring to make money too slow, I do tutoring intermediary。When my tutoring work was in full swing, I wanted not to waste the summer vacation time, so I found a daily necessities company to be their campus sales agent in the summer, recruiting teachers and elder sisters to help me sell goods, in the summer of 1995, I earned 8000 yuan a month, the second month went to travel。So the more power to do more enough, the third year began to contract as a general manager to operate the school ballroom, video hall, computer room, the establishment of the university etiquette team and so on。Read books during the day, make money on weekends, and go to the library at night to catch up on all kinds of business knowledge。When I graduated, I did not hesitate to use the 80,000 yuan I earned in Normal University as the capital to start a business, and went to Beijing to start a business with my senior brothers from China Normal University。When Qichuang Planning and design, the first company of Jingyu Group, achieved certain achievements, we founded a self-service tour brand - Donkey Mother Travel network, focusing on the analysis of "tourists' complaints and needs" and the development trend of tourism. With the development of business, we also established a scenic spot marketing company and a scenic spot operation and management company。After some people complained on Donkey Mother that they wanted to stay in the scenic area but there were no good hotels, we started the Tent Guest Resort Hotel。This has some influence in the tourism industry。Entrepreneurship is endless。The goal is not fixed, all you have to do is to follow the call of your heart, along the path you think is right, and adjust your goal at any time, so that the dream from a seed into a towering tree。

  Students who get into college are certainly lucky。For the few students who did not enter the university this time, I suggest that they go to college again, as long as the family conditions allow, they must go to college once, and the impact of college on people's life is still very great。Universities provide the elements and environment for growth and development, such as knowledge, thinking ability, peer resources, culture and values。So the university is worth our best efforts, struggle once, strive for once, so far, the college entrance examination is still our rural, small towns, small county children to realize their dreams the fairest way。It provides a new starting point, in the starting point of the university, we have the opportunity to use their own efforts to fight for a different life。Students, even if you either because of insufficient efforts, or because you have not yet woken up, or because of the failure to play, and choose to repeat the road。

  I still have three words for you:

  The first sentence is: Stop doubting yourself。It's easy to deny yourself when you don't get into college。If you don't believe in yourself, you can't expect anyone else in the world to believe in you。Intimations are very powerful, and if you think you can't, you probably can't。My 10-year-old son, when he gets frustrated, he says to himself, "Dad, I'm not going to scare myself."。Give yourself strength and confidence,Life is a long marathon,A late start for the moment,Doesn't mean you can't be a winner at the finish line,Let go of time-wasting self-doubt, self-deprecation, and self-denial,Say goodbye to those negative feelings,Try, try, try again,What you need to do is give yourself another chance,Is to make life without regret, youth without regret。

  The second sentence is: life is never too late to start。When I was growing up, I realized that some people, especially boys, need a process of enlightenment。When I was a child, I had been stubborn, rebellious and stubborn in adolescence, and I had also made my old father worried and miserable. Until one day, when I really went to re-study, looking at my parents' sad expression, thinking about whether I really wanted to continue my life in the loess face to face, I suddenly realized。When I wake up and read it again,I studied very hard,It's like tapping into all the potential in your body,In sorrow I often encourage myself to say is: born I must be useful,I want to go to a better school than my classmates!Life is never too late to start,Once you finally know where you're headed,When is it never too late to leave。

  The third sentence is: understand the future rationally。For some students,Repeat reading may mean more stress,But now that I'm on this path,It means that your parents and family support your choice,It means that you are a person who faces failure bravely and is willing to take on new challenges,Then try to adjust your mentality,Don't be too sensitive and "glassy","Do everything,Leave it to God.",Try to fill in the blanks,Make yourself stronger,If next year,You're still a little out of luck,"The sky can't fall.",This era,The most worthy of young people's expectation and encouragement is,"There are thousands of roads beneath our feet.",You have more choices than ever before。

  There are also some students who, perhaps because of poor family conditions, or for such reasons, have to leave the campus after failing the college entrance examination and embark on society。Do not go to college does not necessarily enter the trough of life, the real trough is to abandon yourself, as long as you haveThree thingsLife is also brilliant:

  The first thing: an open mind to accept injustice and grievance。This is crucial。Because your current ability is not enough to handle the various jobs of the society, the society has set a threshold called "education" to some extent。Please be prepared to endure injustice and injustice, please be prepared to bear hardships and hardships。There is no job in the world that is not wronged, and inequality is also the norm of human society。Try your best to make injustice fair。I read a book,awesome,It's a Brief History of Man by Harari, a famous Israeli historian.,Global bestseller,It says: Since the agricultural revolution 10,000 years ago,Almost all civilizations and all societies are unequal,There are all kinds of hierarchies: hierarchies of class, race, gender。 21世纪,New technologies will give people unprecedented capabilities,There may even be a biological divide between the rich and the poor: the rich elite will be able to design themselves or their offspring,Make it a "superman" with higher physical and mental abilities.,A growing number of tech and business elites are rethinking death,They see death as a technical problem。In this view, you die not because of God's will, not because of nature, but because of a technical failure: you die because your heart stops pumping blood, because cancer cells spread to your liver, because germs eat into your lungs。And every technical problem in theory will have a technical solution, maybe you don't know what the solution is, but as long as there is enough time and money, all the technical problems will be solved。Some of the most powerful elites and institutions in the world are trying to tackle this problem very seriously, for example, Google has recently founded a new company called Calico, whose mission is to find ways to overcome the problems of death and aging。These are not sensational, but to tell you: either you do a cow to change the reality, or you have a good attitude of ordinary people to change their ideas, give up complaining about the injustice of fate, stop hating the so-called difference, the strong person who controls the fate and the ordinary person who takes advantage of the trend, there is no difference in having happiness。

  The second thing: strong faith and the spirit of never giving up。Uber founder Kalanick said in an interview that Uber now seems to be very successful, the market value of more than 40 billion dollars, in fact, he began to start a business from the age of 18, and has been on the road to start a business, has been 20 years。For most of the time, there were several failures。I've been rejected by hundreds of thousands of people。At his previous company, Uber, he called 100 people a day and got 100 "No" s.。When that happens for six or seven years in a row, it means hundreds of thousands of people have rejected it。So you must be sure of your goals, you must have enough faith to enjoy every moment, even if you are denied it again and again。After I graduated from graduate school, I also started my business from the basement of Beijing, the dormitory and office is 13 square meters, sometimes 24 hours in this small space without sunlight。Successful people must have grown up on the foundation of many failures and setbacks。That means: now that you're out there, no matter what happens, always have a love for what you do。Love what you choose, even if you lose。And most ambitious goals are doomed to failure。But as long as you fall down and keep getting back up, it's not a failure。What we call "champion thinking" is all about knowing how to deal with adversity。

  The third thing: skilled skills and professional attitude。From a worldwide perspective, it has reached industry 4.In the age of 0, higher vocational skills are needed, and the social division of labor is becoming more and more detailed, so it is necessary to master a "housekeeping skill"。If you go to society immediately after graduating from high school, you need to master a skilled skill as soon as possible to work in the big city, even if you learn a cooking, you may be able to open a tavern in the future。In addition, don't ignore the opportunities around us. In fact, I think the opportunity for China's rural areas has come, and the integration of urban and rural areas will provide a huge market space and development prospects for China in the future。At present, many rural people go to the city to work as workers, but city people also come to the countryside, 15 years later, the countryside in China will become the new home for human beings, farming is the best way of life。Of course, perhaps not only a few acres of land at present, but 3,000 acres of 5,000 acres of farms and ranches are everywhere。The mechanization of agriculture will reach 60%。Manual farming was transformed into large-scale efficient farming。Small towns with 30,000 to 50,000 people will be the most desirable places。Small towns are not in the cement reinforcement, but in the forest, ponds, on the hillside, where the road is the scenery is the field is the human environment, rural buildings will have more wood materials, nature based, people regard water, trees, soil as life。The countryside is the most beautiful way of life and will be a luxury for Chinese people in the future。Students who fail to go home can study these opportunities now, and learn skills, when the opportunity comes, whether you have a skill can firmly grasp it in the hand, become the foundation of the future life, which also depends on everyone's efforts and pay。I read a report that Hu Shuli, editor-in-chief of Caixin magazine, is a standard-bearer among the media, full of passion and insight. When she was young, she worked in a hospital in Funing County, northern Jiangsu Province。First few years, cleaning。She said that even if I clean the floor, I have to clean it brighter than others。In fact, polish the floor, not only for others, but also for yourself。They do it because the fact that the floor is shinier than others is in itself proof of ability to do other things well。Wipe, clean, clean, clean, hard work is rewarded。Because of this spirit, then entered the hospital broadcasting station, and eventually became the financial editor admired by everyone;The founder of Hilton Hotels, the first to do the hotel cleaner, he said even if I do the cleaner I have to do the best, the water that comes out of the urinal that he cleans can be drunk directly。Kobe Bryant, the basketball superstar, when asked the secret of his success, he laughed and said: Have you ever seen Los Angeles at 4 AM?Because he got up at 4 o 'clock every day, practiced shooting, and shot 1,000 baskets a day。The darkness of 4 a.m. in Los Angeles has not changed, but Bryant's professional ability has subtly changed every day, until one day to become a superstar in this field。This is professionalism and dedication。There is no casual success, three minutes are destined to seven points by struggle。You feel that you are repeating boring tasks every day, but it is because of this accumulation that you become a master or expert in a certain field。

  Students, after high school, life does present you with different paths, each with a reason and a value。But remember, there is one path in the world that cannot be refused, that is, the path of growth, and there is one path in the world that cannot be chosen, that is, the path of giving up。Either way, I hope you don't give up on lifelong learning。As Steve Jobs said: be hungry for knowledge, be humble if foolish, and make yourself stronger in learning。I hope you don't give up on building hearts。The best way to fight is to do your best while maintaining a mindset of contentment。All ultimate happiness belongs to the spiritual category, this kind of happiness will endure into enjoyment, frustration into motivation, pain into a gift, is the victory of spirit over material, this is the philosophy of life。Everyone has a meaning system, success is not the simple addition of fame and profit, the halo on the head is always a flash in the pan, the most important thing is that you have established the goal of the heart, in the process of trying to achieve no regrets。I hope you don't give up on your dreams。Always ask your heart: What is your dream at this moment?Where dreams will take you。Great people have great dreams, little people have little people's dreams。Our country is living in a time of great opportunity, unprecedented in its history, so called because the opportunities are great, the prospects are great, and the space is vast。Although Susong County is a national-level poverty-stricken county, I don't know if it still is?But every corner of China, including our hometown, is the soil for us to display our talents。This big era will last for a long time, so even though most of us here are small town children, but no background is not our disadvantage, because this era is our strongest background。We must live in the present, but we must also aim high;We have to be down-to-earth, but life also needs poetry and distance。

  Students, today's Susong Middle School is the place where your dream began, from now on, everyone goes their way, such as streams into the sea, pentium, stars shining, brilliant sky。Everyone will have their own "sea"。I sincerely wish every one of you a successful study and a happy life!Finally, I would like to thank Susong Middle School for giving me the opportunity to share my life experience with the students. I would like to say to my Alma mater and my teachers once again: Thank you!

Thanks for reading, and welcome back!