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Susong Middle School municipal project project as scheduled
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Susong Middle School municipal project project as scheduled

Golden autumn October, cinnamon fragrance。Scientific research is flourishing, and teaching and research staff are busy。26On the morning of September, Tang Renbing, vice principal of Susong Middle School, led Sun Weiping, Yao Qidong and other members of the research group to attend the municipal project opening meeting in Cheng Central School。

20188In October, Sun Weiping Studio of Susong Middle School declared the municipal project "Strategic Research on the Deep Integration of Comprehensive Practice Activities and high School History Teaching from the Perspective of Core Literacy".9The project was approved in October, and the project started on schedule today。At the opening meeting,Teacher Sun Weiping made a statement on the topic from the aspects of topic basis, research content, ideas and methods, condition guarantee, and result presets, and asked some questions to the experts present。The principal of the department of Chengguan Middle School commented on the proposal report and put forward some suggestions, and put forward some guiding opinions on the design of the three sub-topics of the project。Finally, President Tang made a statement。He talked about the importance of scientific research to revitalize education and schools. Subject research is an important way to promote the development of teachers and enhance the connotation of schools.Asked the four teachers of the research group to do their duty, make the subject stronger and more practical, and said that the school will give strong support。

It is reported that there are four projects approved in the middle school section of our county this year, among which2One history project, two Chinese projects。Susong Middle School has successfully completed a number of provincial projects。Today's opening meeting will surely push the research of the studio into a new stage。                               

(供稿  Yao Qidong)


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