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Players walk with the team, participating and watching at the same time
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Players walk with the team, participating and watching at the same time

Teaching quality is the lifeline of our school. In order to improve the classroom teaching quality of our teachers, give full play to the leading and exemplary role of excellent teachers, and train young teachers,116—8Under the leadership of Wang Jinwang, Director of the Teaching and Research Office, the history discipline team of Susong Middle School went to Huainan City to participate in the provincial high school history quality class display evaluation and observation activities。

In this activity, Zhu Xiaoping, a young teacher of the history group of Suchu, participated in the provincial competition as the only player in Susong County, Dong Jianguo, a rising star of provincial education and the leader of history teaching and research, Shi Yulan, a rising star of municipal education, and Sun Weiping, a provincial special teacher, helped participate。Huainan three days, tense and full, hard and happy, harvest full, feeling a lot。

Get ready to show your swagger。Mr. Zhu7Sunday afternoon draw lots, closed lesson plans,8Sunday morning7:35Have the first class。7Designing teaching and doing courseware until the early morning5At half past 30, this means that there is little time to familiarize yourself with the courseware。Borrow class, unfortunately, the class students only go to the first13Class, while no14Lesson "From" Teacher Yi Long Skill "to Reform Reform Law" and draw the first15课《 The close relationship between the New Culture Movement and the Spread of Marxism means that students have little knowledge to prepare for the course。Huainan No. 2 Middle School a lesson40Minutes, we have a lesson45分钟,5Minutes are so important to the players。Obviously, this kind of learning situation brings difficulties to Zhu teacher's teaching。However, the young teacher, calm and swaggering, quickly adapted to the unfamiliar teaching environment。

Introduction, summary grounding gas。Zhu teacher is thoughtful, aiming at a slogan on the teaching building of Huainan No. 2 Middle School "The people have faith, the country has strength, the nation has hope", took a picture and introduced the new lesson, natural and appropriate, it can be said。In the class summary, Ms. Zhu led the students to read Li Dazhao in unison1919"Youth" written in the year "youth follow this,Intrinsic rationality,Make an effort,Move forward and never look back,Turn from darkness to light,Civilization for the world,Create happiness for mankind,In my youth,Create a family of youth,Nation of youth,Nation of youth,Human youth,Earth of youth,Universe of youth,To enjoy his endless life."。In this section, the students' voices are loud and enthusiastic, pushing the class to a climax。The whole lesson echoes from beginning to end, the theme is prominent, and the students' feelings of home and country are cultivated。

The new course is taught with confidence。For the traditional article of the new culture movement, how to create new ideas and how to implement the core quality of history discipline is the problem that our team needs to solve。Based on this, it is particularly important to accurately interpret the text, grasp the soul of the lesson and carefully design the teaching。This section focuses on the content and new development of the new culture movement;The difficulty is the background and influence of the new culture movement。We put our heads together and decided to call the course "Exploring Faith."。Mr. Zhu integrated the teaching material into: from the confusion of faith to the dawn of faith,Gradually teach "the current of sorrow - the confusion of faith", "trickling stream - the dawn of faith", "rolling torrent - the power of faith" three parts,It's like peeling a cocoon off,Interlocking,Change the traditional "background", "content" and "influence" expression,Gives a refreshing feeling。Teacher Zhu's teaching design is novel and unique, the theme is distinct, and the sense of The Times is strong, showing Teacher Zhu's profound teaching skills, which left a deep impression on the judges。

The teaching methods are inspiring。In this section of teaching, Mr. Zhu's teaching method is flexible, including historical teaching method, situational teaching method, group discussion method, chart analysis method, etc。In particular, the interpretation of historical cartoon pictures and data charts has cultivated students' quality of historical evidence and historical interpretation。

The art of teaching is childish。First time on the provincial stage, after all,Mr. Zhu is a little nervous,So much so that something was left out;Before class,Did not get close to the students to understand the situation,So much so that the class asks questions about old memories,The students' answers were not satisfactory;In the allocation of time,Loose at the front and tight at the back,As a result, students do not discuss enough;The transition is not natural in some places,It is not enough in the appeal of language expression,It needs to be strengthened in mobilizing the enthusiasm of students。Although these are minor, but as a game lesson, the defects behind the defects, but also shows that our players are not mature enough, not sophisticated enough, leaving some regret!

Live to see see angry。In this on-site observation activity, we witnessed the energetic, passionate and intelligent teaching style of many teachers, and were deeply impressed by the clever design of their teaching links and the illustrations of their teaching courseware。Of course, we also see the mechanical imitation of a few teachers, blind show, teaching effect is not ideal。The participation and observation not only show the skill of the players, but also highlight the educational wisdom and teaching level of the guiding team, and it is the embodiment of their mature teaching concept。Behind every outstanding player stands a strong team, and every game tests the vitality and vitality of the team。

Activities to understand the atmosphere。Most of the teachers in this competition are excellent young teachers from different places and cities. Because they are young, they have many new ideas.Because it is a representative, it has many characteristics。Each contestant interprets the charm of history classroom teaching with his or her own characteristics, which can be said to be "eight improprieties crossing the sea, each showing his or her own magic".。In the competition, I listened to the teachers' well-prepared lessons, appreciated their profound interpretation of the textbooks, felt their accurate grasp of the classroom, and experienced their close attention to the students。While they opened the door of students' wisdom, they also triggered my thinking on the optimization of the classroom, which is: teaching is a cumulative development. Teaching is the unity of theory and practice, teaching is the combination of science and art...Teaching research is a kind of atmosphere, is a kind of spirit, is a kind of responsibility。It is the duty of every old teacher to do a good job of helping and guiding。

The solid and effective development of this competition and observation activities has benefited us a lot。We should take this activity as an opportunity, in the future classroom teaching, and strive to create a characteristic classroom, to achieve efficient classroom, so that the classroom really become the main position to improve the quality of teaching, so that their teaching level to a new level!

It is reported that Susong Middle School will regularly organize teachers to carry out high-quality teaching competitions and observation activities, integrate into others' classes, watch others' teaching process, show themselves and learn from others, aiming to build a team of high-quality professional teachers with noble ethics, exquisite business and vitality。


(Contribution: Sun Weiping, History Section)


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