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"Double Celebration" series activities - Su Song Middle School Youth League Committee "Double celebration" theme group meeting was successfully held
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Susong Middle School Youth League Committee "double celebration" theme group successfully held


1126In the afternoon, "Celebrate the founding of New China70Anniversary and establishment of Susong Middle School80The "Anniversary" theme group meeting was held in the lecture hall of the Library of Susong Middle School. The group meeting was presided over by Mr. Zhang Shuzhen of the Youth League Committee. Tang Renbing, vice president of the school League Committee, teachers and representatives of the members of each class participated in the meeting。

The meeting began with a grand march, and teacher Zhang Shuzhen led all the members to sing the national anthem and the group song。Afterwards, the representatives of the members watched the theme of "patriotism, love school feelings"PPTAnd the micro film "Youth in the Headlines of China"。In the process of watching the film, the members enjoyed the technological and economic development and breakthrough in the early days of the founding of New China, saw the efforts and hardships of entrepreneurs in various fields of New China, and the members deeply realized how hard it is to live a happy life now。Then the delegates had a heated discussion on the theme of the meeting,And put forward specific requirements: to further strengthen the learning of regiment knowledge,Strive to improve their ideological consciousness;Study hard,Respect teachers,Unite students;Observe discipline,Establish good ideological and moral character;Take the lead in school activities,Actively participate in the construction of civilized campus。

Finally, Vice President Tang Renbing delivered a speech, he hoped that the students and members keep in mind the mission, study hard, strive for progress, breathe with the motherland, develop with The Times, and contribute youth to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!

The meeting has cultivated the students' patriotism, love of school feelings, and made them realize the responsibility of being middle school students in the new era。Members of the representatives have said that they are proud of the motherland, will study hard, and become the pillars of the country in the future。

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