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Speech at the 80th anniversary celebration of Susong Middle School -- Shao Qin
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Speech at the 80th anniversary celebration of Susong Middle School
     Shao Qin, Professor of history, University of New Jersey 
Dear leaders, past and present teachers, students of all classes, and friends and guests of all parties:
    Hello, everyone!
    Today we are in this early winter day, with a fiery heart, to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the establishment of Susong Middle School!Susong Middle School is an educational center with a long history。Originally based on the imperial examination booth at the end of the Qing Dynasty, it has advanced with The Times and become today's provincial demonstration high school in this large-scale new campus。
    A school is a microcosm of a country and a nation。Education must lead in order to flourish。Susong Middle School has cultivated countless talents for the whole county, Anhui Province, and even the whole country。Susong Middle School alumni, all over the county, the province, the country, and even the world。
    Susong Middle School is an important starting point and turning point of my life。When I came to Susong Middle School in 1977, I entered the classroom for the first time and officially became a teacher, which was the beginning of my lifelong career in education。My colleagues and students have all contributed to my efforts to become a true teacher。
In 1980, I said goodbye to the dormitory for postgraduate examination, and then went to the United States to study and work。A succession of new challenges in a foreign land makes retrospectives a frequent fortuitous occurrence in the middle of the night。This visit to the old place after an absence of nearly 40 years, I am more deeply aware of the countless deep friendship I have gained in the short three years of Susong Middle School, especially the many students who love me deeply。They remembered the ancient and modern poems we had studied and discussed together, as well as my brief encouragement and bits and pieces of the past, which made me feel the great responsibility of being a teacher once again。More importantly, they are living meaningful lives in their own life journey, which makes me feel extremely gratified。
    Since I left Susong, especially after crossing the sea, I have made numerous long journeys。But this time from New York on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean back to Susong, about 50 hours on the road to witness the 80th anniversary of Susong Middle School, is my most meaningful journey across 40 years of spring and autumn life。
    I would like to thank President Luo, all the leaders and colleagues, especially the students, for their kindness, which has touched me every day here。
    On the occasion of celebrating the 80th anniversary of the foundation of Suchu High School, I sincerely wish our common Susong High School Dapeng to spread its wings and have a bright future!
    Thank you all!
November 30, 2019 

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