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Susong Middle School held a grand celebration of its 80th anniversary
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    Eighty years of songs, eighty years of fire from generation to generation。On November 30, Susong Middle School celebrated its 80th anniversary in the school sports field。Guests and alumni from all walks of life from colleges and universities across the country, brother schools inside and outside the province, and home and abroad gathered together with nearly 4,000 teachers, students and staff of the university。Anqing City education and sports Bureau Director Xu Xiaochun,Susong County People's Government county magistrate Wang Zhaochun,County People's Congress Standing Committee director Wu Handong,County party Committee standing Committee, Minister of publicity Zhang Feihe,County Party Committee standing Committee, organization minister Ding Bozan,County Party Committee Standing Committee, political and legal Committee secretary Ling Yong,County Party Committee standing Committee, executive deputy county governor Shi Chengfu,County Party Committee standing Committee, county People's Armed forces political commissar Wang Yi,County People's Congress Standing Committee deputy director Cheng Xiangyang, Shi Jinhua,Qian Xiangfu, vice chairman of the county CPPCC,County education Bureau and brother units and other city and county leaders attended the meeting。Deputy county Governor Zhang Yongxi presided over the meeting。
    At 9 am, the celebration conference opened in the magnificent national anthem。Zhang Yongxi, the host of the conference, delivered a speech, and the staff read out a congratulatory letter from Liu Qibao, an alumnus of the 68th session of Shuzhong and vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, to his Alma mater。
    Principal Luo Zhao represented all teachers, students and staff of Susong Middle School,Warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the leaders at all levels, brothers, schools and friends from all walks of life who support and help the development of the school!I would like to pay high tribute to the faculty and staff who have selflessly contributed to the university in various historical periods and the alumni who have added luster to the Alma mater.Luo Zhao stated the tortuous course of the school's development,Summarize the achievements of the school over the years。Luo Zhao said that standing in the new era, the people of Suzhong will not forget the original heart, keep in mind the mission, strive to self-improvement, and work hard to develop, and then score Hua Zhang。
    County Governor Wang Zhaochun made an important speech on behalf of the county Party committee and county government。Wang Zhaochun extended warm congratulations and cordial greetings to all the teachers, students, staff and alumni of Susong Middle School。Fully affirmed the school performance of Susong Middle School over the years and the school has always adhered to the original intention, resolutely implemented the Party's educational policy, adhered to the socialist direction of running a school, rooted in Susong and serving the society。It is hoped that Susong Middle School will base itself on a new starting point, aim at a new goal, embark on a new journey, persist in moral cultivation, reform and innovation, and make new and greater contributions to promoting the development of education in Susong。

    Former President Tao Shuxi, teacher representative Peng Guangfu and Shao Qin, tenured professor of history Department of University of New Jersey from the other side of the ocean, have spoken。They affectionately reviewed the experience of working in the hostel and the joys and pains of teaching career, full of feelings dedicated to the cause of education。

    Alumni representatives, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor of Tsinghua University Li Yadong, former president of Provincial Academy of Social Sciences Tang Xiantian, Jingyu Group chairman Hong Qinghua have spoken。They affectionately recalled the good time of studying and living in the Alma mater, expressed their deep gratitude to the Alma mater and teacher, and wished the Alma mater a more brilliant tomorrow! 
    Subsequently, the teachers, students and alumni representatives of the school dedicated a wonderful performance for the conference。The performance is closely related to the main theme, rich and colorful, and the program highlights are varied, showing the good spirit of the teachers and students in the hostel, and fully reflecting the achievements of Susong Middle School in adhering to the implementation of quality education and promoting the all-round development of students。
    The conference was successfully closed with the passionate melody of "Sing the Motherland"。
                       (Contributions: Zhou Jianfeng, Jin Zhaohui, Yu Zhanpeng)

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