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School celebration
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  School celebration

Susong Middle School Senior 3 (20 Liu Pingping   Instructor: Sun Weiping


80 years of rain and wind,80 years kapok bloomFor 80 yearsSusong Middle School practices with its own actionsCultivate high-quality talents and create a first-class schoolThe purpose ofWe have nurtured many pillars of our country今天Thousands of alumni gathered in the home to celebrate the 80th birthday of the home!


The early winter morning was cold, the sky was gloomy, the ground was wet from last night's rain, and it seemed to be aware of today's pageant,She stopped her pacePerhaps too much expectationI got up early, washed up, put on my school uniform,Come to school with your brand new school badge

Enter the schoolBoth sides of the main road are neatly placed with congratulatory letters from major universities and major units, including a congratulatory letter from Liu Qibao, the 68 alumni and vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference。Seeing the congratulatory letter,I felt the alumni's heartfelt wishes for my Alma materThe congratulatory letters and colorful flags formed a beautiful landscapeA colorful potted plant in front of the school motto“80”The words stand outAdministration buildingIt was covered with banners;The big screen played a loop of the school anniversary filmThe left and right sides of the street lamp are inlaid with billboards commemorating the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China and the 80th anniversary of the founding of the school。What a jubilant sight!

The playground is even more livelyRed balloons tied to the fence flutter in the wind,The banner carries thousands of alumni's wishes for their Alma materRows of pale yellow chairs dotted the green carpet of the playgroundLike the twinkling little stars on the green skirt, both casual and unique beautiful;The big stage, the flowersTo be dressed up in splendor and elegance。An exciting school celebration performance is about to begin

At this moment we can not keep down the inner joy and excitementThe whole school sat on the playgroundEveryone held a bright red flag in his hand, waiting for the arrival of the guests,Waiting for the countdown on the big screenNine o 'clock came as scheduledAlumni from all over the playground, we waved a small red flag to welcome。Some of them are old principals, some are graduates, some are gray at the temples,Some are in the prime of their lifeThe ceremony has officially begunThe documentary began to play on the screen, from19392019From the old campus to the new campus at the foot of the General Hill, those photos of the past,As if telling the growth of the schoolThose years, a large number of talented people,Eighty years of change and vicissitudes have accompanied the eventful years of the past,It was their success that forged the glory of the hotel。See the past Susong Middle SchoolCan not help but lament the hardships along the way Alma materShe was built in a time of warFrom junior high school to high school, from hundreds of people to nearly 4,000 people, from ordinary high school to provincial and municipal fan high school,I am filled with emotion at the development of the hostel

The event began with a speech by President Luo ZhaoNext came alumni from all over the world to express their wishes for their Alma mater,And share their own successful experienceFrom Tsinghua University professor Li YadongFrom Hong Qinghua, the history professor who returned from the Pacific Ocean, the founder of the well-known entrepreneur Donkey Mother Travel network, and the old presidents, I saw their persistence in their dreams and their ardent expectations for our students.Thanks and blessings to my Alma mater

What impressed me most was the speech given by senior Hong Qinghua-- From a rural child to today's famous entrepreneur, his inspirational experience has inspired me.Move meHe told us toSimple believe, silly insistThe reason why he has today's achievements is because of a small dream when he was studying in the hostel;In hisSilly insist下,This little dream has really come trueHe also saysSmall victories depend on wisdom, and great victories depend on virtue. Intelligence may enable you to obtain temporary success, but virtue helps you to move to a higher realm in lifeIt reminds me of what my history teacher used to teach meA person's virtue and behavior play a very important role in our lifeTo get a better foothold in societyHigh moral character is the keyMr. Hong's story is an inspiration to all of us hereIt gives us more clarity of purpose

After the speechThe show has begun.A group of students' wonderful performances show the vitality and vitality of the students;The teachers' passionate poetry recitation, the passionate dance,The solemn chorus also expresses the teachers' love for the school and loyalty to education。especiallychorusSing to the motherlandDrove the atmosphere of the sceneAll the students stood up waving red flags and sang along,The school celebration came to an end in the sound of loud singingIn this somewhat cold winterThe actorsThe wonderful performance is evocativeEveryone would not go away for a long time,I realized how little time I had in the morningHow much I want to let time freeze in this moment……

Eighty years of accumulation is a great fortune,Eighty years of struggle is a history that will never change.Eighty years of history is a beautiful scene。Across eighty yearsExperience is the baptism of years;Through 80 years, engraved is the effort to develop;Across 80 years,What is left is fruitful。80 years, the torch passed on。In my last year of high schoolHow lucky it is to meet the 80th anniversary of the school!As a resident student,I am very proud of ShukuThe teachers present here are my role modelsThey gave me the motivation to go forward,Guided my lifeAs the school motto:Sharpen your actions and reach farIs asking us to go beyond ourselves,Towards excellenceWe should obey our teacher's instructionWork hard for your dreamsEach of us here will be the protagonist of tomorrowEvery one of us, even if the strength is small, should also do our best to make our Alma mater proud of us, this is our belief, but also our glory!

I sincerely thank you for the celebrationLet me witness the growth of my Alma mater,Gave me a unique spiritual gift。Sincerely wish Shuzhong accumulation of the history of the thick accumulation, the spectrum of The Times!


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