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Establish a great ambition to be a striver in pursuit of a happy life -- Li Yonghong
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To become a striver and pursue a happy life
Li Yonghong

    Dear senior students,

    Hello, everyone!I am very glad to have the opportunity to attend your graduation ceremony. I am very excited. Seeing you, I seem to have traveled to 30 years ago and saw myself 30 years ago。Thirty years ago, in 1987, I participated in the college entrance examination from the junior high school liberal arts class. Fortunately, I was admitted to Peking University with the first score of the county's liberal arts in that year, accidentally creating history and becoming the first person admitted to Peking University from Susong Middle School since the reform and opening up。This includes my efforts, but more inseparable from the teachings of the teachers in the hostel and the training of the Alma mater, I am full of gratitude and gratitude to the hostel, it can be said that without the training in the hostel, there would be no my today。After graduating from university, I joined the financial industry, engaged in international settlement and trade financing in a bank, and served as a letter of credit expert in the China Chamber of International Commerce, making my own contributions in setting international trade settlement rules and serving import and export enterprises。

    President Luo asked me to talk to you today at the graduation ceremony. To tell you the truth, I am a little nervous, because I do not think I can be counted as a successful person, and I may not be qualified to speak to you here。Susong is a place of outstanding people, in all fronts, all walks of life have emerged a lot of outstanding talents, our fellow villagers have national leaders, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, there are many excellent entrepreneurs, I attended the Songzi Education Foundation to know a lot of loving entrepreneurs doing very well in their hometown。Among our fellow villagers are successful people who have done very well in the government, the military, education, health care and other sectors. Many of them are better than me and more qualified to speak to you here。Today, I give you a report, not as a successful person, but just as a Peking University senior brother to share with you my experience and experience, from the perspective of an experienced person to give you some useful suggestions and advice。

    As a leading institution of higher learning in China, Peking University has produced many famous people。One of my English department brothers named Yu Minhong was not very good in his class, so he vowed to help others learn English well. After graduation, he set up a New Oriental, which became an English training base for people going abroad and made a name for himself。There is another one in the same grade with me, library management department, lives downstairs with me, called Li Yanhong。Perhaps inspired by the search for books, he founded Baidu, which became a big search engine and a globally renowned Internet company。There is another named Li Yonghong, that is me。So far, I have not achieved much, but I set my ambition and strive to surpass the previous two red men。As the saying goes, people still have to have a little dream, in case he realized it?You are young, the future is great, more should have their own dreams, and fight for it, I believe that after many years, many of you will be more than me, and even some people will be able to make a greater cause, more than the two red people said before。

    The college entrance examination will be held in 12 days, and you must be interested to hear about your learning experience in dealing with the college entrance examination?How did I get into Peking University 30 years ago?What kind of test tips and learning experiences do I have?In fact, there is no secret to learning and no shortcut to success。If I had to sum up my experience, the answer is simple: one is persistent effort, and the other is unwavering commitment。I studied very hard in high school, especially in the third year of high school, I insisted on arriving at school at 5:30 in the morning and going home at 10 in the evening, which can be said to spend all my time on study。I read the textbooks so well that I could almost memorize them。Of course, learning is not all rote memorization, sometimes you can use fun memory method or associative memory method, you can make up some rhymes and other things to deepen memory。For example, when our history teacher talked about the Five dynasties and ten kingdoms, he compiled a rhyme, which I still remember vividly: Liang Tang, Jin Han, Han Han, former Shu Wu, Min Wu and more Chu, South Han and South Ping plus Shu, South Tang and North Han side by side。After more than 30 years, I can still count the names of five generations and ten kingdoms, such is the power of interesting memory。To learn Chinese well, in addition to reading textbooks, but also read a lot of useful extra-curricular reading, but I do not encourage you to read novels, both time-consuming, will not have much harvest。When I was in high school, I focused on studying the classical classics such as Guwen Guanzhi, The Analects of Confucius, Mencius, and Shiji (excerpts), which greatly improved my level of classical Chinese. As a result, there was a classical Chinese question in the college entrance examination which happened to be the content I had read before, which made me overjoyed。However, it is not enough to be diligent, it is more important to be dedicated, mind free, and fully engaged。I'm probably better at that than others。When I was in high school, I was not tall and plain, and the girls in my class probably didn't look up to me, so I didn't have the opportunity to make mistakes。God is fair, there is always a return, for me, for you no exception。

    If you can do the above two points I said in the three years of high school, plus a little luck and improvisation, I believe you will be able to get good results in the college entrance examination and enter your ideal university。Today's hostel is no longer the hostel of 30 years ago. Today's hostel has strong teachers, first-class teaching environment, and the teaching quality ranks among the best in the county. For you, what most people are facing is not whether they can be admitted to university, but what kind of university they can be admitted to。All you have to do is to believe in yourself, firm confidence, adjust your mentality, calmly take the exam, and strive to test out your best level, enter the ideal university, win glory for your Alma mater, and strive for a better platform for your future development。

    Students, keep soldiers for a thousand days, use troops for a time!In 12 days' time you will have the big exam of your life, which is an important milestone in your life journey and a test of your learning achievements over the years。The result of the college entrance examination and the choice of your choice will affect the development direction of your future life. After the college entrance examination, most of you will bid farewell to your Alma mater and open a new page in your life。In the remaining 12 days, what you should do is to adjust yourself, relax moderately, sort out the key points and difficulties of the textbook, concentrate on making up for your weaknesses, and prepare for the college entrance examination。In the exam room, don't be too nervous, take it easy, learn from professional athletes, and play your true level as usual。

    Students, the college entrance examination is important, but it is not everything。In your life journey, the college entrance examination is only one of the passes, after the college entrance examination, your life journey is still very long。How to navigate the long road ahead of life?Next, I will jump out of the college entrance examination, talk about life, enter the topic of today's speech, and talk about this issue with you。我今天的演讲题目借用习近平总书记的话,叫做立鸿鹄志,做奋斗者,追求幸福人生。

    Why Build a Ambition?Young people must first find their own historical positioning and life positioning。 What era are we living in today?Looking at China's modern history, it is not difficult to find that we are indeed living in the best of times today. China has never been as powerful as it is today in modern times, and the Chinese nation is at a critical moment of great rejuvenation。Some time ago, there was a very popular movie called "Amazing My country".。To tell you the truth, I was very excited to see this film, and even a little bit of blood boiling feeling for a long time。Today China is really strong,Our high-speed trains lead the world,The world's longest high-speed rail network;Our space technology has advanced rapidly,Shenzhou heaven, Chang 'e flying to the moon,We will build a space station in the near future.Our dragon entered the sea,It can probe the deep ocean floor below 8,000 meters;Our Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge is the best in the world;Our ability to build roads, Bridges and buildings ranks first in the world,70% of the world's skyscrapers are built in China,More than half of all skyscrapers are in China;The combat effectiveness of our army has been greatly enhanced,We have our own carrier battle group,Has its own carrier-based aircraft;Our navy has developed its own powerful fleet;Our Air Force has a new generation of world-leading fighter jets。。。。。。All this was hard to imagine a decade ago, living in today's China can you not feel proud and proud?

    What is even more promising is that according to the grand blueprint drawn by the 19th National Congress report, by 2049, the 100th year of the founding of the People's Republic of China, China will become a prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced, harmonious and beautiful socialist modern power, China will become a world-class power, and the Chinese nation will achieve great rejuvenation。Think about that time,You're in your 40s,In the prime of life,How exciting and desirable it is!For that day to come,You should be a big man now,Work hard and be strong,Learn knowledge and skills well,Be the people this country needs the most,For the building of the nation,Instead of sitting on your laurels,Enjoy the fruits of others' labor。The grand blueprint can not be hung on the wall can be realized, it needs the struggle and efforts of generation after generation, the baton of building a strong motherland and realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is about to be handed to you, students, are you ready?President Kennedy once said, "Ask not what your country has done for you, ask what you have done for your country.。You should also ask yourself, what have you done for your country, what are you going to do for your country in the future, and what can you do for your country in the future。
习近平总书记说:国之重器,要掌握在我们自己手里。If the motherland wants to be truly strong, it must be able to independently produce its own national equipment, and it must have a group of cutting-edge scientific and technological talents who develop and manufacture national equipment。Many of the important tools of the early state were created by the hard work of the older generation of scientists from scratch。In order to develop "two bombs and one star", Qian Xuesen, Deng Jiaxian and other scientists abandoned the generous treatment of the United States and resolutely returned to China;The father of China's nuclear submarine Huang Xuhua is based on a nuclear submarine model, paid a lifetime of energy, led the team to independently develop China's first nuclear submarine。Today's national heavyweight, from aircraft carriers to chips, to make the world's leading level, all need the support of high-end technology, and need the hard work and unremitting efforts of high-tech talents。The future of the country depends on your generation of young people to create, you should be brave to bear this historical responsibility, students, are you ready?

    Of course, not everyone can go into the high-tech industry, not everyone can become famous, have a family, and do great things。More people will be ordinary people, doing ordinary jobs in ordinary jobs。However, even if you cannot become the pillars of the country, you must become a qualified brick and stone of the country and play your role in the construction of the motherland。According to their own hobbies, play their own strengths, choose an industry, engage in a career, master a skill, do it well, do the ultimate, which is also successful。THE slogan of Mercedes-Benz is "THE BEST OR NOTHING," which translates to "do it to the best.。That should be our goal。Most of the "big country artisans" in the news broadcast did not go to famous universities, but they worked hard in their positions, studied diligently, made continuous progress, conquered technical problems, and played an important role in the construction of the country。They have made extraordinary achievements in ordinary posts and should be the example for us to learn from。

    The British writer Charles Dickens famously said of Britain in the 19th century: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times。Today's China is the same, although this is a best era, but this era is particularly fierce competition, if you lack the necessary knowledge and skills, then you will be eliminated by this era, you and others will be more and more gap。 For you personally, this is the worst of times。Some of you may embark on an official career in the future and work in a government department. If you cannot keep your integrity, if you cannot be honest and clean, you may be imprisoned. Too late to repent, this best era will become the worst era。You must become a great ambition, a striver, a clean and honest person, a useful person to the country and society, a person who can create value, a person with ambition, responsibility, knowledge and talent, and do what should be done in the best times and at the best age

    To become a great ambition, we must strive hard。Happiness is not a drizzle, it does not fall from the sky。Happiness comes from struggle, and ideals can be realized only by struggle。As the song goes: How can you see a rainbow without experiencing wind and rain, no one can casually succeed。You should be strivers, win success through struggle, and harvest happiness through struggle。

    To be a striver, it is important to persevere and not be afraid of failure。There are many examples of this。Zeng Guofan is a typical example of repeated defeats and battles, but he finally gained a great victory and achieved success。The history of our Party is a history of struggle, without struggle there would be no new China。Ma Yun has a famous saying: today is cruel, tomorrow is more cruel, the day after tomorrow is beautiful。He himself failed the college entrance examination twice for three times, and was admitted to the junior college of Hangzhou Normal University for the third time, but he persisted in his struggle, founded the Ali Empire, and achieved today's career。Young people should regard failure as wealth and constantly sum up experience and lessons in order to achieve great things and achieve success。

    To be a struggler, you must have a strong heart and a strong will。How much a person can take a blow, can achieve much career。Mencius said: Heaven will drop the great responsibility to the great man, he must first suffer his mind, strain his bones, starve his body, and empty his body。。。The truth of the ancients is very clear: to do great things must first endure hardship, must first endure suffering。This is true at all times and at home and abroad。

    To be a struggler, we must constantly surpass others and constantly surpass ourselves。Han Yu said in the article "The Original Destruction" : "He is also, give others, he can be, but I cannot be.? I mean, other people are human and I'm human, so why can't I do what other people can do?This is a kind of unyielding spirit and dare to surpass the courage, we want to be strivers, we must have this courage and spirit, not only to dare to surpass others, but also to overcome their own weaknesses and inertia, and constantly surpass themselves。As long as the direction is right, a little progress every day, the goal will be achieved。

    To be a struggler, cherish the time, youth should not be wasted。Paul said it best: When you look back on the past, don't regret for wasting your time, and don't be ashamed of doing nothing。Youth is short and fleeting。Please start from today。Only by persevering in learning, perseverance and continuous accumulation, can we achieve accumulation and ease, and can we achieve our goals as soon as possible and reach the other side of the ideal。

    Ambition is the premise, struggle is the means, a happy life is the purpose, and the happiness of life often exists in the pursuit of the process。What kind of life is happy, each person's answer is different。 The following are the seven elements of a happy life summed up according to my experience, and put forward to share with you:

    1.No complaints, no jealousy, no regrets。Complaining does not solve any problem. It is a symptom of incompetence. Winners find solutions and losers find excuses。Learn from the strong, strive to surpass him, not envy。Regret is useless, as long as you make efforts, even if you fail, you will not regret it。
    2.Kindness, tolerance, gratitude, atmosphere。Be a kind person, be kind to others, be strict with yourself, and be forgiving to others。Be grateful and give back to society。When dealing with people, do not haggle over every ounce, have a pattern and mind。
    3.Sunny attitude, positive and optimistic, calm and calm。Young people should be vigorous, energetic and full of sunshine。Do not panic, calm, calm to deal with。
    4.Develop lifelong interests。Read more history books and celebrity biographies, learn more about Chinese history and traditional culture, and improve your self-cultivation。Table tennis is a good sport that can benefit you all your life。
    5.Surround yourself with good friends and keep away from bad ones。Confucius said: the benefit of three have, the loss of three friends。A friend who is straight, a friend who is understanding, a friend who is well-informed, is good。Friends will be open, friendly and soft, friends will be flattery, loss。Make friends with people who can make progress with positive energy and stay away from negative energy villains。
    6.A little more spirit, a little less material。Don't over-pursue material, don't compare with others material satisfaction。Pay attention to improve their spiritual cultivation, enrich their inner world。
    7.Believe in the power of time。Time heals all wounds。When your life is at a low point, when you are repeatedly hit and in great pain, believe that as time goes by, many years later, when you look back, the pain and struggle you have experienced before is just a small spray in the river of life, it is not worth mentioning。

    Students, the motherland is calling, The Times are calling。Burning the passion of youth, fighting the wonderful life。Set lofty ambitions and be brave and fearless strivers。Believe in yourself, go forward, fly dreams, youth without regret。I wish you a smooth and successful college entrance examination。Work hard, students, tomorrow belongs to you, success belongs to you, happy life belongs to you!

Thanks for reading, and welcome back!