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Speech at the graduation ceremony of the senior year of 2020
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               在2020Speech at the graduation ceremony of senior high school


Dear leaders, teachers, dear students:

Good afternoon, everyone!With the nostalgia for yesterday, with the passion for the college entrance examination, with the yearning for the future, today we are gathered together to hold a grand ceremony of Susong Middle School2020Senior year graduation ceremony。It is a great honor to be the teacher's representative at such a warm, solemn and festive ceremony发言I wish you a beautiful style in the upcoming college entrance examination and a brilliant life in the future!

In the red September three years ago, with your wisdom and diligence, you came to the hostel with joy, and began three years of hard study, three years of trek, and three years of exploration。In the past three years, you have put the hard sweat, the footprints of struggle and the pride of striving to stay in the hostel;In the past three years, you have used youth and enthusiasm to shed the splendor and brilliance of 18 years old;For three years, you have brought joy and glory to your Alma mater。

Teachers will never forget the perseverance and optimism of your military training in the hot sun like fire, sweating like rain;I will never forget the attention you paid to the lecture in the bright and clean classroom.I'll never forget you guys on the field,The tenacity of never admitting defeat;Forget the teacher's day when you give the teacher that sincere blessing;I will not forget the affectionate greeting when you see the teacher——“Hello, teacher!That's your gratitude, your growth。

Students, there will be differences when there is gathering。In the past three years, you may have been praised by the teacher, or criticized, or even suffered grievance, but these are the most sincere feelings between our teachers and students witness, in the future you will find that all this is so memorable and nostalgia!The time of three years is fleeting, the season is like flow, but the years are like song。Graduation is a sad and brilliant platform in the journey of life, all the colorful and brilliant past, have been sung into a vivid, graceful and elegant departure song, once had a dream, once had a passionate, is calling you to stand in a new starting point, toward the established direction of sail。When you are about to leave, please take a few words from your teachers:

1.Please be a steady person。Do a good job every day, take every step, do not give yourself too much slack, delay the reason。Life is really a marathon, and every person who reaches the end starts from the first step and accumulates from each step。I hope you take everything at hand seriously, and, within your ability, try to be as good and excellent as possible!Developing this habit will pay off for the rest of your life。

2.Please be a person who holds on to his dream。Stick to the goal your heart desires,Don't give up easily,Do what you love and are good at,Don't follow suit,Flighty and impetuous,Don't keep up with others,Be the best you can be,That's good enough!Of course,Choose who your heart is,And stick to,It may not be an easy task,But if you can do it,You will have more calmness and calmness,More accumulation and breakthrough,More joy and joy。

3.Please be a grateful person。No matter where you go in the future, you should always go back to your Alma mater, look at the campus loaded with your youth story, look at your teachers who are always concerned about you, listen to the teacher's kind nagging, describe your pure feelings, thank the past, think about tomorrow。

再过9The college entrance exam is coming up,9天后,I firmly believe that your three years of sharpening will be turned into a sharp sword,Gallop in the college entrance examination room,To the sky;Your sweat will turn into butterflies flying,Brilliant news,Put it in your youth book!classmates,It's time for the courage to rise to the occasion,Whip the whip and ride the horse,Go forward!With confidence and determination to create a big exam brilliant,Use the most satisfactory score on the canvas of your life,Paint the most beautiful blueprint。2020You will be named in the Golden list, and once again continue the myth of the brilliant history of the hotel and write a new legend!

Once again, I wish the students' dreams come true and wish our Alma mater a prosperous and prosperous life!Thank you all。

Thanks for reading, and welcome back!