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Fire often practice safety in mind
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In order to further strengthen the school safety work, create a safe, stable and harmonious campus environment, enhance the fire safety awareness of all teachers and students, and improve the fire safety self-rescue ability of teachers and students,129On the afternoon of October 1, the students in Grade 1 of Susong Middle School carried out fire evacuation drills and fire knowledge training activities。

Before the drill, the school carefully planned and closely organized the drill, developed a detailed fire evacuation drill program, and made clear provisions on the drill steps, evacuation routes, and on-duty teachers at each floor of the stairway。下午415With the fire alarm sounded, all the drill personnel responded quickly, the command staff of each floor quickly arrived at the designated place, and the students were organized to evacuate according to the scheduled route。Under the command of the teacher, students of all classes should cover their mouths and noses with their hands and cuffs in accordance with the designated route, bend down to evacuate the scene of the fire, and gather in a safe area in an orderly manner。

Subsequently, Xu Weihua, assistant principal of Susong Middle School, made a summary of the fire evacuation drill, affirmed the efficient and orderly drill, and also pointed out the shortcomings。After the drill, the fire brigade also conducted fire knowledge training for teachers and students of our school, telling everyone that if you effectively escape in the event of a fire, protect life safety。The students said that through this exercise and training, they learned how to protect themselves and others in a critical moment。

The fire evacuation drill and fire knowledge training further enhanced the safety awareness of teachers and students, so that teachers and students have mastered the basic methods of escape, self-rescue and mutual rescue, and accumulated valuable experience for the school's fire safety work in the future。(Office of Political Education, School Youth League Committee)

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