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Susong Middle School held the 2022 student development planning guidance and home-school contact meeting
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In order to help senior one students establish their life goals scientifically, and then provide correct guidance for future career planning,1113On the morning of September, Susong Middle School held a meeting in the student Activity Center 2022Grade 1 Student Development Planning Guidance and Home-School Association"。All students, class teachers and parents attended the meeting. Principal Hu Weiqun, vice principal Zhang Songlin and Director Yu Dahuai attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by deputy director Li Qiong。

Vice President Zhang Songlin made training guidance on how to reasonably choose the direction of physics or history, how to reasonably evaluate children's studies, how to guide children to reasonably set college and professional goals, and how to reasonably guide children to scientifically plan the development path of student career。

President Hu Weiqun analyzed in a simple way what kind of people should our school cultivate under the background of the new college entrance examination reform, how to cultivate people with core qualities and core competitiveness, and how all students should choose the way to study reasonably。Finally Headmaster Hu asked,Parents and students should raise their awareness of career planning education together,In particular, parents should steer well,Steer well;Parents and teachers should combine students' interests to make overall planning and guidance,Further explanation and mobilization,Let more interested students can give play to their strengths,Multi-channel growth and talent;Schools should further build a good curriculum system, optimize teaching, classification of teaching,Let the students learn and achieve。(Yu Zhanpeng)

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