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The Liberal arts and science branch of Susong Middle School of the Communist Party of China held the Democratic review Party members' conference respectively
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According to the arrangements and requirements of the Party Committee of the Bureau, on the basis of departmental review, self-evaluation and self-criticism of party members,329On the same day, the liberal arts and science branches of the General Branch of the CPC Susong Middle School were respectively held in the lecture hall on the second floor of the school library2021Annual Democratic Review Party meeting, attended by all party members of each branch。The meeting was presided over by Zhou Jianfeng, secretary of the Liberal Arts branch, and Fu Min, secretary of the Science branch。

Two branch secretaries summed up at the branch party members' meeting respectively2021The annual work of the party branch, and their own thinking, work, and living conditions were summarized and analyzed, self-criticism, and other party members criticized the branch secretary。Then the participating party members spoke in turn, made self-criticism of themselves, and accepted criticism from other party members。Then the "Susong County Democratic Evaluation of Party members evaluation Form" was issued, and the party members who participated in the evaluation were organized to carry out democratic evaluation of all the evaluation objects。Finally, each branch secretary made a summary of the meeting, put forward the expectations and goals for future work, and requested the supervision of the Party organization and the assistance of comrades。

Through this meeting, comrades further found their own advantages and disadvantages in thinking and work, pointed out the direction for future hard work, and played a powerful role in promoting the overall level of Party members' own ability and enhancing the centripetal force, cohesion and combat effectiveness of the Party organization。(Liu Nanqiao)

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