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Susong middle School Party branch department to carry out "one change two" big discussion activities
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In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of Zheng Zhajie's speech at the province's "One change two" conference,330On the same day, the General Branch of the Party of Susong Middle School organized all Party members of the two branches to carry out the "How to change, how to be" big discussion activities, the meeting was presided over by Liu Haatian, deputy secretary of the General Branch of the Party, and Luo Zhao, secretary of the General Branch of the Party, made an important speech。

The meeting required all party members to combine the actual school, start from their respective jobs, deeply analyze themselves, focus on how to change, how to, the standard table, to combine learning and communication with teaching work, change the style of work and enhance the image, to ensure that the activities are solid and strong, and achieve actual results。

The meeting stressed that all party members should talk about politics, dedication, feelings, focus on the college entrance examination, and strive to solve the problem of "urgent difficulties and worries" of students and parents, and implement the "change of one to two".Provide services for the lifelong development of students, and truly make Susong Middle School a school that people are satisfied with。(Liu Nanqiao)

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