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The Youth League Committee of Susong Middle School carried out the theme of "Learning from Lei Feng" volunteer service
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"Volunteer spring rain, youth Huisongzi"

-- The Youth League Committee of Susong Middle School carried out the theme of "Learn from Lei Feng" volunteer service

202235The day is the nation's No59A "learning Lei Feng Memorial Day", is also the first23"China Youth Volunteer Service Day"。In order to vigorously carry forward and cultivate the spirit of Lei Feng in the new era, further advocate the voluntary service concept of "dedication, fraternity, mutual assistance and progress", promote the traditional virtue of loving labor, and publicize the ecological concept of green environmental protection,35On the afternoon, the Youth League Committee of Susong Middle School organized the youth members to come to Shanshui Park to carry out the theme of "Volunteer spring rain, Youth Huisongz" learning Lei Feng volunteer service。

Shanshui Park is an important place for residents to play and exercise in the park usually more people, volunteers in order to beautify the park environment, immediate action。At the scene, the youth soldiers divided several ways to carefully clean the white plastic, pet feces, dead leaves, cigarette and paper scraps scattered in the park, and classified into the corresponding garbage bins。After two hours of cleaning activities, the park's environment has been transformed。

At the same time of cleaning the park, the youth members also actively promote the importance of environmental protection to the residents who play in the park, "green mountains are Jinshan Yinshan", "mountains, forests, fields, lakes and grasses are a community of life", calling on the majority of residents to take care of the park environment and create a civilized city。

The "Learn from Lei Feng" volunteer service theme group Day activities not only beautify the park environment, but more importantly, practice and promote the "learn from Lei Feng" volunteer service spirit;At the same time, it has further improved the service awareness and environmental awareness of the majority of residents, and led more people to join in the action of "learning from Lei Feng", protecting the environment, and creating beautiful Songz。(Juzhong Youth League Committee)

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