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Suzhong students won the 7th Anhui Province Career Simulation Challenge
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20239The final of the 7th Anhui Vocational Simulation Challenge for Middle School Students, sponsored by Anhui Students' Federation and jointly organized by Hefei No. 1 Middle School and Anhui Mental Health Association Youth Career Development Education Professional Committee, was successfully held。

This year's professional model competition came from all over the province11Individual cities,44School's177Single runner。Student of our school叶玺With outstanding results in the preliminary competition to stand out, into the final。在决赛中经过与其它选手的激烈角逐,叶玺同学成功进入终极对决(共七人),最终斩获“Best Production Award ", Individual First prize, Team first prizeRank honor。Tang Huixiang, CAI Yalin, Hu Chenli three students harvestHonorable mentionTeacher Chai wonExcellent instructor Award。At the same time, Susong Middle School also wonBest organization award。

Career model competition preliminary scores for career planning book, speechPPTAnd the total score of the three points of the speech video。After careful review by the judges, the final score is ranked from high to low60One student is a finalist。92On this morning, the students were divided into six groups and each group had to work together3On the morning of the scene show, in the afternoon, 60 players drew lots for professional simulationPPTShow. This show will see seven of the 60 contestants enter the final round。在团队比赛中,叶玺和他的队友斩获Team first prize。93号下午,叶玺同学凭借出色的综合实力顺利进入终极大比拼。In the afternoon, the contestants who enter the final finals have to learn from their self-cognition, professional cognition,SWOTCareer planning is presented in five parts: analysis, path analysis and alternative solutions。The contestants were well prepared and presented the judges with one wonderful speech after another。最终,叶玺同学表现优异,荣获“最佳制作奖”。

The achievement can not be separated from the students' own efforts, but also the school attaches great importance to the students' career planning education。Our school follows... from...2019Since joining the vocational model competition, I have organized activities and selected students to participate in the competition through the vocational simulation society of our school every year, so that students can clarify their career prospects, exercise their abilities, and help fuel the motivation of college entrance examination。In the future, Susong Middle School will continue to actively organize and participate in this competition to help more students inspire their youth and pursue their dreams。

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