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Susong Middle School held the mid-term summary report on the 2022 municipal project
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108On the same day, Director Zhou Shaohua, Director Zhu Caide, Director Yang Chengpeng and Director Ouyang Ming of the Susong County Education Bureau visited our school to hold the Susong Middle School2022Mid-term summary report of municipal project。The meeting was presided over by Vice President Zhang Songlin, Director Wang Jinwang, Director Zhu Xuewen and related staff of the research group attended the meeting。

首先,Vice President Zhang Songlin made a warm welcome speech to the arrival of experts from the Education Bureau,It fully affirms the important significance and far-reaching influence of research on the development of the school in recent years,Said that the school will continue to fully support the research work,Try our best to push the school project research work to the real, deep and good,Strive to condense the sweat of the team into fruits。

Then, Liu Nanqiao, the main leader of the research group, reported the research situation since the launch of the project, the stage research results achieved, the main problems encountered in the early research process, the typical confusion and the research plan in the later stage。


The experts of the Education Bureau highly praised the hard work of the members of the research group, highly praised the members' truth-seeking, truth-seeking and excellent work style, and highly affirmed the stage results achieved in the preliminary research group。At the same time, they combined with their rich theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience of the topic research, to promote the topic made a comprehensive, specific and profound guidance。


In the on-site questioning and defense session, the members of the research group were in high spirits, opened their hearts and spoke enthusiastically, consulted experts on the puzzles, difficulties and blocked points encountered in the research process, and conducted in-depth discussions together。The experts clarified the doubts one by one, and put forward many constructive suggestions on the focus of the next stage of research and the requirements of the project results。

At this meeting, the doubts of the subject research were answered, the difficulties were broken through, and the blocking points were resolved, laying a solid foundation for the next step of in-depth promotion。


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