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Notice on 2023 Susong County Chengcentralized School and Susong Middle School campus recruitment related matters
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After research, now2023Recruitment of teachers for Chengcheng Central School and Susong Middle School campus is notified as follows:

一、Examination qualification confirmation

定于322Sunday morning9By the afternoon16It was held in the Employment Report Hall on the third floor of College Student Activity Center, Huajin Campus, Anhui Normal University。Candidates who pass the qualification examination are requested to bring their valid resident ID card and the person themselves2A two-inch recent headless photo to attend on time。Those who fail to confirm within the time limit will be deemed to have given up the registration qualification。The recruitment examination of Cheng Centralized School and Susong Middle School is organized uniformly at the same time, each candidate is limited to one post in one school, and the candidates who apply for double registration determine one school on the spot。      


Due to the excessive number of qualified applicants for the qualification examination of the recruitment post, the written test is now scheduled323Sunday morning8:30Written examination (reference staff must be conducted in advance1Hours to arrive at the test center), the specific location to be announced。The written test is a closed book answer, the content of the subject professional knowledge, the total score100分。Chinese, math, English three subjects exam time is90Minutes, physics, chemistry, biology, physical education four subjects exam time is60分钟。

After the written test, according to the applicant's written test score, each recruitment position in accordance with the number of recruitment plans and the number of interviews1:5The last candidate, if there are multiple candidates with the same written test score, will be identified as the candidate for interview。Applicants should keep communication open to receive relevant information in a timely manner. Applicants who cannot be contacted due to incorrect contact information or poor communication and affect recruitment will be deemed to have waived relevant qualifications automatically。


The interview time is324The specific location will be announced later。Candidates must present their valid identity card and examination notice on the morning of the same day7:00Report to the designated interview place in advance。

Contact number:

0556-7663155 (Susatsu County Cheng Centralized School)

13500553604  (Director Fang)

0556-7836556(Susong Middle School, Anhui Province)

13855648728 (Director Zhu)



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