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Susong Middle School Party Branch held 2022 annual organization meeting
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In order to further promote the construction of grassroots Party organizations, in accordance with the deployment and requirements of the Party Committee of the Education Bureau,329On the evening of Sunday, the General Party Branch of Susong Middle School held a special organization meeting in the conference room on the fourth floor。The meeting was presided over by Zhang Weizhong, secretary of the General Branch of the Party, and President Hu Weiqun attended the meeting。

Secretary Zhang Weizhong first informed the meeting of the consultation, reported the work of the Party branch and the problems existing in the construction of the party branch in the past year, and deeply analyzed the causes of the problems, and put forward the direction of efforts and rectification measures。

Subsequently, the members closely focused on the observance of political discipline, style construction, performance of duties and implementation of organizational life system, and closely combined with the actual work, carried out self-criticism and mutual comments。

The meeting atmosphere is harmonious, the self-analysis is deep,Opened a certain "spicy", to achieve the purpose and requirements of "red face, sweating", to achieve the purpose of criticism, communication, warning and unity of thought, deepening understanding, enhancing unity, and promoting work。

Finally, Secretary Zhang Weizhong stressed,Members should take this meeting as a new starting point,On the basis of consolidating and deepening the achievements of organizational life,Effectively strengthen the Party's political construction,Secure political direction,Implement a new vision for development,Cheer again, refuel again, start again,Give full play to the role of fighting fortress in the process of high-quality development of Susong Middle School。(Liu Nanqiao)

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