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Warm spring, deep love -- Susong Middle School celebrates "March Eighth Festival"
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March, spring days, March, belongs to women's day。In the warm and cold, the sun is shining day by day, and in the busy and hard work, the female teachers of our school also ushered in the annual international三八Women's Day。In order to further stimulate the female teachers of our school love and dedication, forge ahead of the work enthusiasm, give full play toHalf the skyThe role of,38On Sunday, the school organized a "warm spring, deep love" in the library lecture hall - I presented a bouquet of flowers for the Goddess, hoping that in this festival of women in the world, let our female teachers relax, romantic, and feel the collective care。

This activity not only harmonizes the relationship between colleagues, enhances the cohesion, but also regulates the body and mind, edifies the sentiment。The female teachers in our school will surely devote themselves to the intense education and teaching work with more energy and high fighting spirit。(Yu Zhanpeng)

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