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Professor Chen Boxiao from Xidian University came to our school to give lectures on science popularization
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44On the afternoon of 4:30, Professor Chen Boxiao of Xidian University held a science popularization lecture entitled "Talk about Radar - Introduction to Radar Technology and Voluntary Filling in" for students of senior one in the Academic lecture Hall on the second floor of Susong Middle School Library。Vice President Zhang Songlin presided over the symposium。

Professor Chen Boxiao is from Susong Middle School85He is currently a professor and doctoral supervisor of Xidian University。2019Won the gold medal of the Middle patent,20022016Won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award twice, won the provincial and ministerial awards6项。The invention patent has been authorized30The rest, publishing academic papers240The remainder (in whichSCI EI180And published academic monographs6部。

In the lecture,Professor Chen introduced the concept and principle of radar, its development history, function and classification, and development trend to the students in simple language.At the same time combined with the enrollment of Xidian University,Make suggestions for students to fill in the future college entrance examination volunteer;finally,Professor Chen also shared his own study experience,Encourage the students in the school to study hard,Target finding,Rely on knowledge to change fate。

At the report meeting, the students listened carefully, thought actively, questioned boldly, and felt the infinite charm of science。After the presentation, the students all said that it was an academic 鬄 feast, which not only enriched their knowledge and broadened their horizons, but also greatly stimulated their interest in pragmatic study and active exploration of unknown fields。I believe that there will be more students in the future in different fields to create extraordinary achievements!(School Youth League Committee


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