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Susong Middle School held the mid-term report on the 2022 chemistry subject at the municipal level
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202373Zhu Caide, director of the Susong County Education Bureau, Yang Chengpeng and his delegation visited our school to hold the Susong Middle School2022In the mid-term report of the municipal project, the author carried out on-site mid-term guidance and suggestions on the municipal planning project of Susong Middle School, "Experimental Innovation Research on new chemistry textbooks for High school under the guidance of Core Literacy"。Director Wang Jinwang and relevant members of the research group attended the meeting。

Mr. Wang, Director of Susong Middle School, delivered a welcome speech on behalf of the school。Director Wang pointed out that education and scientific research is an important link in school activities and an important starting point for promoting teachers' self-development。In the form of new curriculum reform and new college entrance examination, subject research is particularly important for deepening education reform, improving education quality and improving school grade。At the same time, he hoped that the research group would do a good job in the subject research, and strive to improve their business level and promote the further development of the school's scientific research。

Opening meeting,Teachers Xia Hong and Yin Jian, the main leaders of the research group, reported the development of the project and related problems to be solved,The specific research content of the subject is described in detail,The main point of view and innovation of the research are expounded,The expected results of the research are also introduced,The feasibility of carrying out the research is analyzed in detail。

The expert group first affirmed the value of the topic research,It is pointed out that the topic focuses on the hot issue of curriculum reform - experiment,On the basis of highly commends the results achieved in the preparatory work,The specific objectives and contents of the research subject are analyzed and revised in detail,Help the research group to further clarify the topic research ideas and programs。At the same time, it also gives professional guidance and help on how to carry out research more scientifically, reasonably and effectively from the theoretical and practical levels。

Finally, Director Wang did the middle of the projectThe summary speech of the activity pointed out that front-line teachers should pay more attention to and actively participate in teaching and research activities, strive to integrate teaching, research and learning, and comprehensively improve their own scientific research literacy and education and teaching ability。And said that the school and relevant leading departments will further increase the guidance and help and policy incentives for teachers to carry out teaching and research work, so that front-line teachers have the ability to carry out teaching and research work, more active in teaching and research work, so as to effectively promote the in-depth development of school teaching and research work。(尹健)


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