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Susong Middle School to carry out fire evacuation drill
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202394Nisusatsu County fire and rescue brigade came to our school to guide students to carry out fire evacuation drill。


When the alarm goes off, the buildingCThe students of each class of the building lined up in an orderly manner and escaped from the east and west stairways to the playground8分钟。

County firefighters gave full affirmation to the evacuation process, but also pointed out some shortcomings, such as a small number of students did not cover their mouths and noses during the escape process, and the whole process8Minutes are not fast enough。


Then the fire escape knowledge is explained, especially emphasizing the importance of smoke prevention in the escape process, must cover the mouth and nose to bend and crawl, so that orderly forward to prevent stampede accidents。


The fire officers and soldiers also explained the common sense of the use of fire extinguishers to the freshmen in senior one of our school, randomly selected students to drill the operation, and commented on the operation of the students。

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